Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Inspiration from Celebrities

Part of our newbie meeting this past weekend, Jack, our awesome coach got up and spoke. One of the topics he discussed was setting realistic goals for the race. My one and only real goal is to finish the race. Of course, I have a few super secret pipeline dreams. I would like to finish in sub 5:30 with an amazing finish of sub 5 hours. Yes, most runners will finish is around 4, but have you seen the title of this blog? I am not a natural born runner and thus I will not be finish in the 3s!

This morning I jumped on Yahoo to get some of my basic news and saw that Kate Gosselin was trending. Clicking through, I read it was about her finish at Vegas this weekend. As an inspiration, I decided to pull celebrity times to compare to and set some of them as my targets to beat.

Here is my top 10 list:

10. David Lee Roth, 1987 NYC Marathon (6:04:43)
My ultimate goal is to beat this former lead singer of Van Halen. Boston closes the course at 6 hours and gosh darn it, I want my medal and my name in the paper!

9. Freddie Prinze Jr., 2006 LA Marathon (5:50:49)
 I hope that I can beat a former teen star and now WWE celebrity.

      8. Katie Holmes, 2007 NYC Marathon (5:29:58)
Did scientology help her through the 26.2 miles? As a proud Jew, my people are used to wandering. Let’s see if 40 years lost in the dessert can help provide me with speed.

7. Kate Gosselin, 2011 Las Vegas Marathon (4:59:21)
I would like to think I have seen more success than a crazy haircut and selling myself to reality tv, but the reality is I would be more than happy with her time. 

6. Oprah Winfrey, 1994 Marine Corps Marathon (4:29:20)
Oprah, as a former “real” woman yourself, you give everyone the hope that they too can finish a marathon, but why did you have to go do it so fast?


As many know that you can’t compare other courses to that you run yourself, the remaining 5 celebrities are Boston Marathon finishers. 

5. Mario Lopez, 2002 Boston Marathon (5:41:42)
I grew up loving Saved by the Bell. AC Slater, you may have missed the bell of my goal in this marathon, but I still love you. 


  4. Ali Landry, 2002 Boston Marathon (5:41:41)
Did she and AC Slater run the race together? 

3. David James Elliott, 2000 Boston Marathon (4:57:23)
He was brought to fame staring on a show bearing my initials. Maybe some of that breaking 5 hours will wear off on me!

2. Lisa Ling, 2000 Boston Marathon (4:34:18)
We kid around that a group of guys at work are auditioning for her former show The View. I didn’t realize it, but she can really move when off that couch. Was she getting chased by Whoopi?

1. Valerie Bertinelli, 2010 Boston Marathon (5:14)
I kid about all the runners above, but I for sure have a lot of respect for this Hot in Cleveland star. As she ran by us at mile 10, I quickly googled who she was running for and there learned about Dana-Farber. She raised a whopping $17,000 for the charity and finished strong. My new ultimate goal is to finish both the fundraising efforts and the marathon effort as graciously as she did.

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