Thursday, November 17, 2011

First Week Back In The Game

At our kickoff meeting last week, the coaches told us to print off the plans that they had posted on the website for us. You can pick between beginner, intermediate and advanced or mix and match from all three. There was also a one month jump start calendar for novice marathoners. As the furthest I have run is 13.1 miles, I figured I should start there. While I'd like to pretend it has been easy this first week back, I'd be full of lies. The aches and pains that were present at the end of last season have started with me this season as well as an additional 5-10 pounds. I am slower than I was and a little bit more sluggish. Like anything, I know this will pass in time for the first real run of the season as it has before. Until then, I will plug along and follow my plan.

On a positive note, the kickstart of training has put me in a homebody mode where I am cooking each night. A very large expensive trip to Russos and my fridge is filled with almost every color of the rainbow. Like most, I can't run after eating garbage, so a change in my diet was required. I forgot how much I enjoy creating new recipes and being healthy. The 5 months of training will only sustain my need for this.

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