Monday, November 28, 2011

Turkey Trots Galore

On Thanksgiving day, I ran in the innagural Southbury Turkey Trot in Southbury, CT. If anything, that race had the cutest race shirts I have seen to date. The course started at my college roomie's mom's gym and then went through cow fields and up one hill to the end. While the college roomie's husband's goal was to go hard and fast, mine was to see pacing for a marathon. Many know how hard it is to not get swept up in the crowd and go too fast at the start. I figured this would be a great test to make sure I go slow at the start. I had no Garmin and there were no mile markers, but I finished the race in my solid 12 minute mile (yes, I am slow) pace. As I was rounding the finish, I yelled to my friend's mom that I only had 9 more of those to go. It is beyond scary to think that the marathon is almost 9 5ks! Eeek! In the end, I felt great and knew that I could easily do that course a few more times. Major props goes to college roomie's dad for making an awesome breakfast after the run!

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