Friday, November 4, 2011

My acceptance to DFMC and status update

A lot has happened since I posted my first nervous rant on this blog.

September 23rd, while in Buffalo for the weekend, I got the email from Dana-Farber letting me know I was chosen to be on the team. I honestly can say it was just as exciting as opening the college acceptance letters from oh so many years ago. With anything in my life, my status update on Facebook was changed and the outpouring of support was evident. I just hope they all donate to the cause! The following week, I formally accepted my spot on the team by setting up my donation page and paying for the program. I know what most people are saying now, paying for the program? Yep, you read that correct! The awesome thing about DFMC is that 100% of the money fundraised goes straight to the cause. Many other programs take the registration fee and other expenses from the money you raise. While that is ideal for some as it means no money out of their pocket, it just wasn't for me. If I am going to put my blood, sweat, and tears into 26.2 miles and raising $6,500, I want the money donated in my name to really go for the cause. That above other things made me super proud to whip out my credit card and take that large charge on my bill.

As I was out of town when I found out I was running, I hadn't seen my tri teammates in a rather long time. The night after I became part of the team officially, our tri team had the end of the season party. It felt amazing to be able to talk to friends about my upcoming experience and how proud I was to race for the cause. These are the people that watched me struggle to run around the Wellesley track just a few years ago. They watched me start with a 14 minute mile and see that time drop down to my current pace. They watched me start with 5ks and cheered me on at my first half. I am sad that they won't be running along side me for this challenge in my life, but know they will be there on the sidelines yelling and screaming as I run by them on my way to 26.2. Being amongst my people reminded me of how far I've come and how much support I have on this journey.

The tri party kicked off October and the rest of the month became a blur of travel. My mom came to town and we hit up Vermont to watch the leaves change. We also met up with friends of mine who as saying goodbye to my mom told her that next time they would see her would be along the race course. It felt good to know that everyone will be there to cheer me on. All three of my parents, out of town friends, in town friends, coworkers, they will all be there watching me take on a dream of mine!

The day after my mom left town, I was on a plane to England to watch a good friend get married followed by a week in Iceland. The hiking in Iceland reminded me that I had pretty much taken 6 weeks off of working out and my body was hurting. I was looking forward to kicking off my training so I did not feel like that anymore. It was funny that those 6 weeks were the longest I had skipped working out in 5 years. My 24 year old self would have been shocked that this was who I am now. I know I bring it up often, but the change from destructive behavior to one of discipline and self improvement has been one of the most pivotal in my life. I look in awe of the person I have become and am happy to have been allowed the journey.

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