Friday, March 9, 2012

Best Run of The Season

Yesterday marked one of the first days of spring. We all know that his winter has been pretty mild and amazing for running, but 60+ degrees is beyond that. I realized that coming back into the office after my massage was pointless, so I headed home to work the rest of the afternoon there. The sun was beaming down, the temp read 62 and I was working away chomping on nut-thins. All in all a great afternoon.

As 6 rolled around, I got ready to head out for the run from Woodland to Crossroads. It took awhile to figure out which shorts/skirts had the biggest pockets to fit my Charlie Card and money, but 15 minutes later and I was out the door on my run. I started the run a little sore wondering if running would ever get easy. I don't think it helps that the first .1 miles is a 7% hill followed by the next mile or so at 4%. After surviving those parts, I was quickly on the marathon route and I started to run a little faster. Going up the hills were surprisingly easy and although huffing and puffing, I decided I was not going to walk until BC. As I hit BC, I felt great and was hitting every green light which lead me to vow not to walk and continue the run to 1870 Comm Ave where I turn towards Cleavland Circle. The tailwinds were amazing and I decided that forget that walk thing, I was going to run until 1200 Beacon which would put my around Coolidge Corner. As predicted, I was still feeling amazing and decided to instead walk at St. Marys. By the time I got to St. Marys, I felt like I was flying. Yes, I was probably doing 10 or so minute miles, but to me I felt amazing. I stopped to walk for about a minute at the Mass Pike overpass at Kenmore and then continued on back to Crossroads. As I left about 20-30 minutes before the crew, only about 6-10 people were back at the bar when I got in. I made it in, used the facilities and decided to instead get in another bit of run while the rest of the runners got back. Off to the garden I headed still feeling amazing. As I was headed back along Marlborough, I noted that I finally felt like a runner.

All in all, I conquered dealing with my demons of not trusting my body and not letting myself prove that I am capable of running outside at decent paces. You see, I can rock it on the treadmill at a 10 minute mile for any distance. I move that run outside and I somehow doubt my ability to have enough juice in the system and start to slow down quite a bit. My mind takes over and I end up taking in 12-13 minute miles. Last night I was enjoying the wind, the weather and the scenery so much that I did not have time to think about sabotage. I ran to run and had a blast doing it. Last night, I remembered the love I had for running when everything goes right and all the pieces come together. My 9 mile run will be remembered as my run of the season where things just work!

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  1. That's awesome! I totally get your frustration about the treadmill to road translation but don't let it get you down. Remember, the treadmill is a LOT easier than the road both in motion and wear on your body. The belt helps your feet along too so taking off is easier plus the bounce in the machine lowers impact. It's why I hate it IT LIES!!!!! But a 10 mm outside is awesome!!!!! Don't worry about being the slow kid. You're out there and it will get easier. AND (last one...) it feels hard in the beginning bc as a distance runner, you take longer to warm up. The first 2 or 3 miles will feel like crap but stick with it and you will feel UNSTOPPABLE