Saturday, March 3, 2012

Fashionable Running

On a regular basis, my web browser finds its way to a former DFMC runner's blog which happens to make my day with all the humor involved. The other day she posted an open letter in sorts to all the running companies that make clothes for only tiny women. It was only a day or so later that I was placing my order for my marathon gear that I realized I should give a shout out to what I wear on a daily basis. Those that run with me always kid around about my skirts and outfits. Yes, I actually do care what I look like in race pictures and thus try to not have too many rolls as I run by the camera. So, in no particular order, my workout attire:

1. Running Skirts
I beyond love this company and is a favorite stop of mine when I am visiting my parents. They have an awesome online store too with a decent return policy. The company was created by two sisters that have run way too many marathons to count (I get running envy of their medals in the store) and learned what not to wear. With that knowledge, the seams face on the outside to prevent chaffing and their outfits are adorable prints made in every possible size. The skirts range from nothing underneath to full tights for the winter.

Now to learn how to look this ripped when wearing their gear. I own that skirt and can guarantee I do not look that good. I will be rocking one of their black skirts with built in compression for the big day. For those that want to see the skirt in action in one of the, you need to check out me in a recent race. The photo has made me laugh at every view!

2. Danskin
My first triathlon ever was sponsored by Danskin in which they featured their wares at the expo. With amazing deals to be had, I ended up buying a ton of their clothes and have worn them since. Some shorts have become worn in certain areas, but after 20+ tris and wearing them for workouts, it is to be expected. The clothing is cute and cut well in almost every size you could need. They also have amazing sales on a regular basis and I was kitted for a whopping $40 including bike jersey this past summer. Who can beat a deal like that?

3. New Balance
I live equidistant from the CEO and the headquarters and thus see all the good they do for the community. My neighborhood center is named after the company, the track at my Y, and so on and so on. They also have a killer outlet in their headquarters in which I frequent a little too much. Although I don't wear their shoes, the clothes are awesome and hold up forever. I am often seen outfitted head to toe in New Balance and am happy to be in it.

4. Pearl Izumi, Sugoi and Craft
I don't wear enough of the two as I only own maybe a half dozen of the pieces combined, but when I do I am so glad I invested in them. Both companies spend time making sure their clothes are up to running and biking standards and are something an athlete would wear. My Craft tights have saved me on more cold runs this season than I'd like to count. My Sugoi tights are also a go to and I get sad when both pairs are in the laundry. Maybe that is why my washing machine is constantly running this year? Add to that the bike jerseys and tights that Pearl Izumi that I own and you have some great items in my wardrobe. Plus, I think it makes my thighs look skinny!

5. Green Apple
Last winter I did yoga a lot. We would all meet on Saturday mornings for a tough workout followed by yoga. It was our thing and I was hooked. This season, most of my group runs are on Saturdays meaning I have not been to a yoga session since summer. I miss it and my flexibility and plan to go back to the routine this coming summer. One night last year, I forgot my gym bag at home and didn't want to miss a workout. I knew I needed new shoes in a short time and could stand to buy a few items of clothing for working out. Into my local running store for shoes and into TJ Maxx for clothes. I ended up buying a pair of yoga pants from a brand I had never heard of and was hooked. The soft bamboo fabric made me want to never take them off coupled with the great cuts and reasonable price. I am now seen bumming around in the clothes as well as doing my workouts in them and am in love.

So there in a nutshell is what keeps me outfitted throughout the season. I guarantee you will love whatever you buy off the list and if you don't, I'll happily take it off your hands. Now, to make up an excuse to buy some more!

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