Monday, March 12, 2012

Happy Birthday Rylie!

As part of my DFMC experience, I chose to apply to the In-Memory program which matches you with a family who has lost a child from cancer while being treated at Dana-Farber. I had the pleasure to be matched up with the Cruz family who lost Rylie this past April from Neuroblastoma at the age of 3.

Rylie spent 16 months fighting the good fight against this awful disease. You do the math and that is almost half of her life spent with testing, chemo, hospital visits and such. I can't even imagine. I also can't imagine the strength of her parents John and Karen who seem to be invincible having lost their child and managed to raise two others at the same time. I give them so much credit for being the amazing people that they are.

I obviously never got the chance to meet this adorable girl, but upon being matched poured over her blog. The love she had for her family was evident. Her spirit seemed so bright despite spending so much time in treatment. She is a personality to emulate!

Today, Rylie would have been 4. A life taken way too soon before she got to experience the awesomeness of childhood. Riding bikes to the ice cream store in summer, a pick up game of kickball during recess, kindergarten graduation ceremonies, summer camp, and all the other things that make our life so worth living. I think it is fitting that today in Boston, it is 70 degrees in the winter time. It is as if spring is being born with her birthday. A time to enjoy life and all it has to offer.

I will be remembering this little girl all day today and will enjoy a feast of chicken nuggets for dinner.

To learn more about Rylie, you can visit the blog her family kept for her at

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