Friday, March 16, 2012

Random Ramblings

-In the locker room at the gym on Wednesday a girl was talking about socks. I mentioned that I hate running in that particular brand as the seams are awkwardly placed. Her rebuttal was that fat girls don't run. My first statement was that I am fat and I run. Her response was that I was not fat. Thanks to my coworker for that ego boost at a time when I needed it.

-About a month ago I had RSVPed for a dinner with a social group I am part of. I also booked a computrainer class at the same time. The old me would have blown off the exercise for the dinner. The new me felt that I needed a good sweat after last night's crack fries with friends. It was worth it!

-I've started to get back in tri training for the season. I'm a little worried how far behind I am, but am giving it my all to get those muscles back and work like no other.

-We have muscle conditioning class three days a week at work. I now crave those workouts and am loving the lifting I'm doing.

-I'm inspired and moved by those that have donated to my run. Random strangers and people I have met one or two times have given so much. Couple that with amazing coworkers, awesome friends, my parent's generous friends and my rockin friends and I am floored with how much has been raised for a cause so close to my heart. If you haven't donated, there is still plenty of time. And expect donations in lieu of gifts in the future. Helping to find a cure for cancer is so much cooler than another toaster or bottle of wine.

-Today marks one month to the marathon. The butterflies are getting bigger and bigger.


  1. hang on...did that person say "fat girls don't run" in reference to...herself?

    1. No, she was stating that fat girls (any larger girl) don't run. Yeah...I've got a long list of women that can prove her wrong.