Tuesday, January 17, 2012

A Tounge in Cheek Article to Start Your Day

As I was sitting down to write a few blog posts about my experiences (group run this weekend, best email ever, etc), I popped on Facebook for a few seconds. A friend had posted this article on her wall. Obviously, the article is meant to be a joke, but it really did get me thinking. So, in short, here are my ten responses to the ten reasons not to exercise.

10 Great Reasons NOT to Exercise

Posted by Jill Smokler
on January 16, 2012 at 9:28 AM
It seems like everyone I know has jumped with full force on the exercise bandwagon lately. Whether they're hitting the gym or running marathons or sitting in hundred degree rooms doing yoga and sweating buckets, they are exercising in some way. And, personally, I find it disturbing. What ever happened to good, old fashioned walking? Like, to the refrigerator for a snack?
If you are like me and wondering what everyone else sees in that 10K that you don't, I present to you ten reasons NOT to exercise. Pull up a chair ...
1. You lose valuable time doing things like stalking Facebook and catching up on the hottest celebrity gossip.

I really feel like I have lost track of time. My days are currently revolving around when I can fit a workout in. I have lost touch with some friends and trying for book time to see people is next to impossible. However, I feel better about myself and look forward to those runs and gym sessions.

2. You get ravenous and eat more, thus cancelling out the exercise, anyway.

I do indeed end up eating more when running, but instead I tend to become anal about what I put in my body. It really becomes how do I fuel for a run, how I fuel after the run and making sure the in between times are filled with fruits and veggies to provide my body the right nutrition. Case in point was lunch today, the chili dogs looked quite tasty, but knowing I had a track workout tonight, I opted for the grilled chicken with a side of rice.

3. You could lose a pant size. Oh, sure, that sounds all positive, but who can afford a new wardrobe?

While out last night, some of the girls were talking about how I must be losing weight with the working out. I really hope it helps in my goal of losing 40+ pounds, but I know that exercise is just one part of the equation.

4.  You're sore. If I'm going to ache all over, I at least want to have enjoyed getting there.

I love the feeling of being sore. There actually is nothing better than feeling like I've had a real hard workout and know it based off of the difficulty of the session from the day or two before.

5. It wouldn't be nearly as fun to watch The Biggest Loser with a bowl full of ice cream having just come from the gym.

I have no rebuttal for this as I really do love to watch that show while eating. My downfall though is chips.

 6. Your sneakers get worn-looking. They work so much better as a fashion statement.

I probably go through a pair of sneakers every 3 months or so months. At about $90 a pair, that is a pretty big expense. Yet, where else would that money be going if not on sneakers? I can think of things I waste money on (Starbucks) that for sure is not as great of a return on investment.

7. You smell. Showering out of necessity is such a chore.

I feel like all I ever do now is laundry and shower. My skin ends up getting dried out and it is not too fun. Yet, I love the feeling of sweat coming down my face on the arctrainer. It shows that I am working hard for what I want.

8. You sweat. It causes breakouts and who wants to look 13 again?

Same as #7

9. You could pull a muscle. As if working out isn't painful enough, you can injure yourself? What a joke.

I am so afraid of getting hurt. I baby every ache and pain and try to deal with them. I think I will take more risks after 4/16, but for right now my goal is to get to that day. I will happily baby the hip pains and blisters to make it through 26.2.

10. Muffin tops are adorable!

Please, can running get rid of my muffin top? I looked in the mirror today and was a bit disgusted in how I looked. I really hope running shapes my body!

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