Sunday, February 19, 2012

Beating my daily commute.

Once again, we had a group run with DFMC. This time it was at Mount Auburn Club which means that they are held on Sundays and about 5 minutes from me. I love the proximity, but having it on Sundays mean the weekend nights are kinda shot as you can't go out on Saturday nights. Honestly, I like this excuse of being allowed to stay at home and watch bad movies. Next week may be different as I have two parties the night before my Sunday run, but I will still attend and attain balance.

My alarm went off at 5:15 this morning and like normal I hit snooze until 5:30. After a quick change of clothes and trying out a new breakfast and I was out the door headed to Comm Ave. After a quick five mile jaunt down the hill, I decided my breakfast really wasn't the right style. Cutting the run quick, I headed home 7.1 miles in ready to join the group for the rest of the run. My goal was to run a total of 18 miles trying gu along the way. In a fun twist of events, the water stops would be placed every 3 or so miles meaning that I was instead about to run 19 miles.

We left as a group from the club and soon I was left in the dust by the fast runners. Soon, I was running up the hill on Chestnut Hill inspecting the fire damage from last week. A quick turn on Comm Ave and I was back where I was less than an hour before. Making it to the first water stop was easy and I was making sure to work on my pacing. The second water stop was also pretty easy to get to. At that point, I was now 13 miles in which a year ago would have seen epic. This year, it just marks a short run. Who would have thought? A quick turn and I was headed back up the hills going strong. The last hill was just a bit too much and I ended up walking up it for 3 or so minutes. As I hit the next water stop, I knew only three short miles and I was done for the day. I also realized that anything further than that water stop was new terrain. As I rounded the corner onto Chestnut Hill, I hit a wall. 17 miles in and I was done! Sadly, I still had 2 miles to get back to the club. With hip tightness and just all around blah feeling, I walked more than I ran. At this point, I was a bit disappointed, but impressed that these short legs made it this far. Walking back in the club, it turns out I was not alone in feeling the pain.

All in all, the last bit may have been slow, but as I was rounding the last corner, I realized something important. Day in and day out for the last 7+ years, I have been making a drive out to Framingham for work. The commute is 18.2 miles and today I ran further than that. Yes, I beat my 20 minute daily commute in mileage! Man, is that an awesome feeling.

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  1. Where do you work in Framingham? That's where I work too! :)