Friday, February 10, 2012

Sleep Training

Yesterday morning marked another morning of waking up exhausted. I kept blaming my crazy workout schedule and life on constantly being tired, but figured I needed to do something about it. A quick google search showed tips on how to get a better night sleep. What did I have to lose? After returning from Crossroads, I stuck to what I had read.

Step 1. Don't shower right before bed as it heats up your body temperature. I gave myself about an hour before hand to allow it to cool back down.

Step 2. Make sure your room is around 62 degrees. Man does that sound cold, but on goes the ceiling fan.

Step 3. White noise will allow you a better night sleep. The ceiling fan was already on to keep the temp down, so I figured it could count as my white noise as well.

Step 4. Switch up your routine and sleep on the other side of the bed. This one was easy as it meant just crawling into the other side of the bed.

Step 5. Make sure you are sleeping in the dark with no visible light. By sleeping on the other side of the bed, the alarm clock light and all other lights were now far away.

The results: I woke up at 6:45 sans alarm clock rested and ready for the day. New take away is that I can no longer blame the exhaustion on my workouts and I really do need to set a bed time routine. Excited to see if it will work tonight before conquering the hills of Wellesley tomorrow.

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