Friday, February 3, 2012

Life meet running

While I like to keep work and my outside life completely separate for obvious reasons, yesterday was an exception. Our work had a get to know your coworker event for our floor. One of my lovely colleagues convinced me that I had enough hobbies to showcase them in a booth. While he wanted me to bring my bike, I opted to instead highlight my running of the marathon. So I packed up some of my medals (yes, there are surprisingly a lot to choose from), my running shoes, and my DFMC banner and was prepared for no one to show up. What happened yesterday instead made me proud to work with such awesome people.

The turnout and interest in the event was beyond belief. First and foremost I was impressed with every one's hobbies. We had fisherman to martial artists to collectors and photographers. I was stationed in the sports section despite still feeling like a sham all these years later. Secondly, I was impressed with the interest people showed in what I am doing. A lot of people came over to discuss running and triathlons in which they participate in. Others talked about how they want to get into sports and were asking about it. Finally there were those whose lives were impacted by cancer. I often forget the survivors we have walking around coupled with spouses, parents, grand kids and the like. People were quick to thank me for what I was doing and to share their stories of their survivors and memories. As I run day after day, my thoughts often go to Mom-Mom and how I am running for her. They usually start to venture over to my grandfathers, Kay, my step mom's mom Helen and others that I have grown to feel connections with. The more stories I hear, the more these people touch me to the core and I find myself tearing up on the runs. Each mile reminds me of the people that I hear about and how awful of a disease it is. So, as I finished up my show and tell time, I was given more than I ever thought. I was given the strength and motivation to run that extra mile and work twice as hard so these stories are somewhere down the line less of a norm. I'm thankful of the time I was given to hear from people and excited/saddened to add many names to the people I run for.

And the second best part of the day, I won the gift card raffle.

With an aggressive company match, I have just been able to add an additional $100 to my total. All in all a good day!

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